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Pieter de Bie
Pieter de Bie committed Mar 28, 2009
1 parent 728627c commit 8c0fbaae9b84e2b4cfd77b7ca376e721c659d934
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  1. +2 −0 Site/Rakefile
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  3. +1 −102 Site/text/release_history.markdown
@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@ require 'erb'
task :generate => [:generate_usermanual] do
require 'rdiscount'
+ require 'lib/release_notes'
`rm -rf output`
`cat text/*.markdown > output/UserManual.markdown`
@@ -0,0 +1,50 @@
+RELEASE_NOTES_PATH = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), "..", "..", "Documentation", "ReleaseNotes")
+module ReleaseNotes
+ VERSION_MATCH = /v([0-9.]*).txt$/
+ # Find all release not files
+ def self.release_files
+ notes = Dir.glob(File.join(RELEASE_NOTES_PATH, "v*.txt"))
+ # Sort files by version number
+ notes.sort do |x,y|
+ x = x.match VERSION_MATCH
+ y = y.match VERSION_MATCH
+ # Puts nonmatching files at the bottom
+ if !x && y
+ 1
+ elsif !y && x
+ -1
+ else
+ # compare version strings, newest at the top
+ y[1].split(".").map { |a| a.to_i } <=> x[1].split(".").map { |a| a.to_i }
+ end
+ end
+ end
+ # Aggregate all release notes in a string
+ def self.aggregate_notes
+ file = ""
+ release_files.each do |x|
+ file <<
+ file << "\n"
+ end
+ file
+ end
+ def self.last_version
+ last_file = release_files.first
+ if last_file =~ VERSION_MATCH
+ return $1
+ end
+ nil
+ end
+ def self.last_notes
+ end
@@ -3,105 +3,4 @@
Release history
-### Changes in v0.6.1:
-This is a bugfix release. The following bugs have been fixed:
-* The commit view shows new files with linebreaks
-* The history view works with Git >= 1.5.4 again
-* Reloading the detailed view in the History no longer causes an empty page
-### Changes in v0.6
-This release has the following new features and enhancements:
-* The diff display now looks much nicer, using boxes to segment files
-* The toolbar can now me customized
-* Images that have been changed or added in a commit can now be viewed
- inline in GitX
-* GitX has gained a preference pane which allows you to specify a git path
- and disable the Gist and Gravatar integration
-* The commit interface is now more intuitive. Particularly, you can now
- select multiple files and use drag and drop to stage / unstage files
-* You can now drag and drop files out of the commit view
-* The files in the commit view have gained a context menu that allows you
- to revert changes / open the file / ignore the file
-* It is now possible to adjust the amount of context lines in the commit view.
- Using a smaller context size allows you to do more fine-grained commits
-* The branch menu is now organized in branches/remotes/tags
-* The view switch button now uses icons rather than words
-* The view shortcuts have changed to use command 1/2 for the history/commit
- view. The history's subviews can now be changed using command-option-1/2/3
-* Listing commits has become much faster
-* GitX no longer spawns zombie processes
-* GitX now shows a list of files that have been changed in a commit
-* GitX now uses libgit2 to store object id's, reducing it's memory footprint
-In addition many bugs were fixed, including the correct calculation of a
-gravatar MD5 hash.
-### Changes in v0.5
-This feature release has several new smaller or larger features:
-* The current branch is now highlighted
-* In the commit view, there is an option to amend commits
-* The "Gist it" button now respects github.user/token
-* Display a gravatar of the committer
-* The commit message view now displays a vertical line at 50 characters
-* It is now possible to revert changes by using the context menu in the
- commit view
-* You can now stage only parts of a file by using the "Stage Hunk" buttons
- in the commit view
-* You can now use GitX to show a diff of anything, for example by using
- 'gitx --diff HEAD^^' or 'git diff HEAD~3 | gitx --diff'
-* You can now drag and drop refs to move them and also create branches
-In addition, the following bugs have been fixed:
-* Better detection of git version
-* Branch lines are no longer interspersed with half a pixel of whitespace
-* The toolbar keeps its state when switching views
-<h3>Changes in v0.4.1:</h3>
-<li>The diff display is now much faster</li>
- <li>More locations are now searched for a default git</li>
- <li>Code pasted online is now private</li>
-<h3>Changes in v0.4:</h3>
-<li>A new commitview, allowing you to selectively add changes and commit them.</li>
- <li>You can now upload a commit as a patch to</li>
- <li>GitX now searches for your git binary in more directories and is smarter
- about reporting errors regarding git paths.</li>
- <li>You can now remove branches by right-clicking on them in the detailed view</li>
- <li>GitX now comes with a spicy new icon</li>
- <li>The diff view has become prettier and now also highlights trailing
- whitespace.</li>
- <li>Various little changes and stability improvement</li>
-<h3>Changes in v0.3:</h3>
-<li>You can now pass on command-line arguments just like you can with ‘git log’</li>
- <li>The program has an icon</li>
- <li>Also displays remote branches in the branch list</li>
- <li>Is better in determining if a directory is a bare git repository</li>
- <li>Support for—left-right: use ‘gitx—left-right <span class="caps">HEAD</span>..origin/master’
- to see which commits are only on your branch or on their branch</li>
- <li>Navigate through changed hunks by using j/k keys</li>
- <li>Scroll down in webview by using space / shift-space</li>
-<h3>Changes in v0.2.1:</h3>
-<li>Added supercool auto-update feature (Sparkle)</li>
-<h3>Changes in v0.2</h3>
-<li>Branch lines now have colors</li>
-<li>Ref labels added to commits</li>
+<%= ReleaseNotes::aggregate_notes %>

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