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Build Scripts for Nginx

Master Builds

This package helps you quickly and easily build Nginx and Nginx Mainline on your system. This package bundles several commonly used Nginx and OpenResty modules, as well as the most up to date OpenSSL and PCRE versions. If this package doens't help you install or package Nginx, there's a bug in this package.

Building & Packaging

Tested on Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, CentOS7, Alpine 3.6, Alpine 3,.7

The preferred way of building PHP is to use build and package them within Docker, and then to install PHP from the packages it provides. This allows you to build PHP in an environment isolated from your own, and allows you to install PHP through your package manager, rather than through source. This approach requires both Docker and docker-compose to be installed. (see

  1. Install Docker (

  2. Install Docker Composer 1.8.0+ (

  3. Create a source file that specifies the PHP version you want to build for. This file is called .vs

    export RELEASEVER=1
  4. Build PHP-FPM by running docker-compose, and specifying the platform you want to build for

    docker-compose run <truty|xenial|bionic|centos7|rhel7|alpine3.6|alpine3.7>

Note all packages are build for x86_64. x86, armv6l, and armv7l images are not supported.


This package builds two different version of nginx, STABLE and MAINLINE, and is dependant upon the version specified in the <version> tag. Nginx follows the convention of even numbered builds belonging to STABLE and odd number builds belonging to MAINLINE

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