Snakemake workflows as command line utilities
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An example of a Snakemake command line interface bundled up as an installable Python package.

This example bundles the Snakefile with the command line tool, but this tool can also look in the user's working directory for Snakefiles.

Snakemake functionality is provided through a command line tool called bananas.


This runs through the installation and usage of 2019-snakemake-cli.

Installing bananas

Start by setting up a virtual environment, and install the required packages into the virtual environment:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Now install the bananas command line tool:

python build install

Now you can run

which bananas

and you should see bananas in your virtual environment's bin/ directory.

Running bananas

Move to the test/ directory and run the tests with the provided config and params files.

Run the hello workflow with Amy params:

rm -f hello.txt
bananas workflow-hello params-amy

Run the hello workflow with Beth params:

rm -f hello.txt
bananas workflow-hello params-beth

Run the goodbye workflow with Beth params:

rm -f goodbye.txt
bananas workflow-goodbye params-beth


The entrypoint of the command line interface is the main() function of cli/

The location of the Snakefile is cli/Snakefile.

An alternative arrangement would be for users to provide a Snakefile via rules in the working directory, or via a Github URL or a remote URL.


  • v1.0 - initial version, ctb/2018-snakemake-cli

  • v2.0 - Snakemake workflow bundled as installable Python package, Snakefile bundled with Python package, command line interface provided to wrap Snakemake API call