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GOV Flow

Download latest free design kit for user flows.

Download for Sketch 47.1

Read more about why I made this kit on Medium.


Sketch version

This was made in Sketch versions 67.1 and 47.1. Some things might not work properly in previous or inbetween versions.

Things to do

  • Release 1.2 coming soon
  • Add contributions I've received with credits
  • Update colours and symbolise
  • Update symbol labels so it's easier to identify overrides
  • Add new components from Design System
  • Finish 'Task list' screen Done
  • Add 'Check your answers' screen Done
  • Add 'Confirmation screen Done
  • Add example user flow Done


Released under the creative commons licence —

Saying thanks ☕️

I design in the open as much as I can and encourage others to do the same. A credit to me on Twitter and link back to this Github repo are greatly appreciated.