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Better Extended Live Archive

Better Extended Live Archive(BELA) is a WordPress plugin, with which blogger can generate a multidimensional archive of all posts in his or her blog.


Extended Live Archive(ELA) was first created in about 2004 ~ 2005. I don't know what the exactly time is. After that time, this plugin was very popular in Bloggers community. But the original maintainer of ELA stopped his work in June 22nd, 2006, the last version of it was 0.10 beat R18. WordPress over the version of 2.3 could not use that version any more.

I like this plugin very much. This is the only motivation for me to keep maintaining it for about 4 years till now. In the year 2013, which is the 4th year I have become a professional web developer, I decide to rewrite all the code of the plugin. That's why you find it here.

Any good idea, suggestions or bugs, please feel free to issue a ticket for me.


Install from WordPress admin dashboard

  1. Go to [Plugins]->[Add New] page
  2. Type in "better extended live archive" and press "Search Plugins" button
  3. Press the "Install Now" link
  4. Done. ^o^

Install manually

  1. Download the plugin package from the official download page
  2. Upload the package to your blog host, and move it to the path /path/to/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/ and unzip the package
  3. Don't forget to check the permission of the plugin directory, make sure it is accessible and writable.
  4. Done. ^o^


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