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rask commented Jun 13, 2014

When installing magpie using pip install magpie the procedure errors out when attempting to install sh:

ImportError: sh 1.09 is currently only supported on linux and osx. please install pbs 0.110 ( for windows support.

I did not see linux/osx as requirements in the documentation, and do not have the know-how on how to make magpie use pbs instead of sh on Windows. I could install pbs on its own, but the magpie installers insists on using sh.

I'm running msysgit bash on Windows 7 64-bit. Python version 2.7.


magpie uses sh for three things:

  1. git
  2. grep
  3. find

In addition to that, it also uses filemagic which requires libmagic, which I suspect will also not work on Windows. I've never built a Python app for Windows, but I would love to see a pull request where someone figures these issues out.


The dependencies install correctly under cygwin. I'm investigating some
other issues in this environment however.


#15 corrects the cygwin issues I was seeing.
Sh package only works on Unix-like systems (OSX, Linux, etc). The same with libmagic. Both work under cygwin. At this time I would consider cygwin a reasonable work around for windows support.


I'm going to close this, since it at least works in cygwin. I'd like to get it working on any OS, but I don't expect that to happen any time soon.

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