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improved script for creating language packages, improved tesseract.spec

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1 parent 406923e commit 49cc18034c9a7c4bd9ea8e8a5639db2086935dac
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  1. +12 −5 makemoredists
  2. +177 −44 tesseract.spec
  3. +1 −1 training/wordlist2dawg.cpp
@@ -1,12 +1,19 @@
+# Windows relevant files
winlist="tessdll.dll tessdll.lib tesseract.exe dlltest.exe cntraining.exe mftraining.exe unicharset_extractor.exe wordlist2dawg.exe java/ScrollView.jar tessdata/configs/* tessdata/tessconfigs/*"
windeps="glut32.dll jpeg62.dll libimage.dll libpng13.dll librle3.dll libtiff3.dll zlib1.dll leptonlib.dll lib/leptonlib.lib include/*.h dlltest/* tesseract.vcproj tesseract.sln StdAfx.cpp StdAfx.h tessdll.cpp tessdll.h tessdll.vcproj"
-ver=`ls -1rt *[0-9].tar.gz |tail -1`
-for l in eng deu fra ita spa nld por vie
+#ver=`ls -1rt *[0-9].tar.gz |tail -1`
+for l in tessdata/*.traineddata
- chmod 644 tessdata/$l.*
- tar --group root --owner root -chozf $ver.$l.tar.gz tessdata/$l.*
+ echo Creating language package for `basename "$l" .traineddata`...
+ chmod 644 ${l%%.*}.*
+ tar --group root --owner root -chozf $ver.`basename "$l" .traineddata`.tar.gz ${l%%.*}.*
tar chozf $ver.exe.tar.gz $winlist
tar chozf $ver.windep.tar.gz $windeps
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