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=== 0.8.7
* Added script/console Utility
* Integration with user_choices
* Attach to open IE instance
=== 0.8.6
* Added feature to keep browser open after tests
* Added access to multiple levels in Fixtures
* Added feature to return a Hash in Fixtures
* lib/flows is no longer generated
* Page module filters for elements inside page modules
=== 0.8.5
* Fixed Fixtures bugs
* Fixture entities can be accessed like hashes(foo[:bar])
* Functional tests are now 'isolation' tests
* Added Page-Module feature
=== 0.8.4
* Added one to many relationship in fixtures
* Added Templating of fixtures
* Added Site Secific fixtures
* Spec Rake Tasks are now generated Recursively
=== 0.8.2 / 2009-01-11
* Added Partials
* Added Preliminary Fixture Support
* Fixed horrible infinite loop bug in Filters
* Added Configurability to a Taza projects Rakefile
=== 0.8.0 / 2008-11-23
Taza is a web application testing framework meant to be used with browsed-based testing libraries like WATIR or Selenium
Not all web applications can be written in Ruby, unfortunately. When you aren't testing an application that was written with testing in mind Taza can provide a structured and opionated way to do browser-based testing.
* Sites have Pages
* Sites have Flows that move through Pages
* Pages have elements and filters to define simple ways of interacting with them
* Pages have tests/specs that help chip away at the dreaded 0% Coverage Beast™
* Features
* Generate a Taza project easily
* Generate Sites, Pages, and Flows using a familiar format(./script/generate)
* Automatically generate specs when generating a site to push you
* Easily switch browser and/or driver
* Automatic opening and cleanup of browser
* Included rake spec commands generated for sites and pages
* Rake spec commands will create an RSpec HTML report by default
* Easily tie-in special functionality like getting a DOM dump of each browser before it closes
* Todo
* Add a taza_example to easily generate a fully-functional example of how a taza project might look
* Provide more documentation
* Add more thorough Selenium support
* Easily allow overwriting of spec options for included rake tasks
* Provide better conventions around cross-site testing
* Using Selenium with WATIR syntax(Easily switch between Selenium and WATIR without having to change any Page code)
* Provide more advanced documentation
=== 0.5.0 / 2008-10-03
* 1 major enhancement
* Birthday!