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Split Slice

Learn about JavaScript String.slice, String.split, and characters.

Before you Begin


Also be sure you have installed Mocha and chai:

npm install -g mocha
npm install

JavaScript Characters

To represent a character in JavaScript use a string with a single character in it: 'a', 'b', 'c'. There are also escape sequences:

Character Name
\b backspace
\t tab
\n newline - linefeed
\v vertical tab
\f form feed
\r carraige return
" double quote
' single quote
\\ back slash


The goal of this assignment is to get all the tests to pass and to be sure jshint returns zero errors. You must:

  • Use String.split in each method for Splits.js
  • Use String.slice in each method for Slices.js

As a general rule the answers in the body of a solution are a single line of code. You will also include use strict, so that is two lines. A few questions do require additional lines of code, but in general, the solutions are short.

Run the tests

To get started:

npm install

You can also start the tests this way:

npm test

Turn it in

Copy your version of the solution to your repository and place it in the root of a folder called Week02-SplitSlice. Check it in. When you submit the assignment be sure include the URL of your repository. It should look something like this: