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Play a Beat Saber clone with hand movements using Tensorflow.js & the MoveNet model, in the browser! 🎉

Based on the awesome work by Supermedium on the beat saver viewer.

Live demo:

Blog post


Play BeatSaber with hand movements

How to use

  • Visit the live demo
  • Allow access to the webcam
  • Place yourself about 1-2m away from your computer in a place that has enough light.
  • Move your hands to see if the recognition works
  • Start playing and hit beats!


None! It's not a real game, more of an experiment 🙂.

The only "restriction" is that the left hand can only destroy the red beats and the right hand, the blue beats.

Tech stack


⚠️ The game was originally built with Node.js v8.9.1 which is pretty old. The install fails on more recent versions.

To run locally, clone this repository and run:

npm install
npm run start

As an alternative, you can run the index.html file located at the root with a python server like python -m HTTPServer 5000 for example.

Then open localhost (on port 9999 if you ran it with npm) in your browser and the default song should be Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen, but you can search for other songs in the bottom search bar.


These kinds of side projects take me a lot of time so, if you like them, your support would be really appreciated if you want to/can 🙂.