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Play a Beat Saber clone with hand movements using Tensorflow.js & PoseNet
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Play a Beat Saber clone with hand movements using Tensorflow.js & Posenet, in the browser! 🎉

Based on the awesome work by Supermedium on the beat saver viewer.

Live demo:

Blog post


Play BeatSaber with hand movements

How to use

  • Visit the live demo
  • Allow access to the webcam
  • Place yourself about 1-2m away from your computer in a place that has enough light.
  • Move your hands to see if the recognition works
  • Start playing and hit beats!


None! It's not a real game, more of an experiment 🙂.

The only "restriction" is that the left hand can only destroy the red beats and the right hand, the blue beats.

Tech stack


To run locally, clone this repository and run:

npm install
npm run start

Then open localhost:9999 in your browser and the default song should be Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen, but you can search for other songs in the bottom search bar.


These kinds of side projects take me a lot of time so, if you like them, your support would be really appreciated if you want to/can 🙂.


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