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Use machine learning in JavaScript to detect eye movements and build gaze-controlled experiences!


Visit (Works well on mobile too!!) πŸ˜ƒ

Inspired by the Android application "Look to speak".

Uses Tensorflow.js's face landmark detection model.


This tool detects when the user looks right, left, up and straight forward.

How to use


As a module:

npm install gaze-detection --save

Code sample

Start by importing it:

import gaze from "gaze-detection";

Load the machine learning model:

await gaze.loadModel();

Then, set up the camera feed needed for the detection. The setUpCamera method needs a video HTML element and, optionally, a camera device ID if you are using more than the default webcam.

const videoElement = document.querySelector("video");

const init = async () => {
  // Using the default webcam
  await gaze.setUpCamera(videoElement);

  // Or, using more camera input devices
  const mediaDevices = await navigator.mediaDevices.enumerateDevices();
  const camera = mediaDevices.find(
    (device) =>
      device.kind === "videoinput" &&
      device.label.includes(/* The label from the list of available devices*/)

  await gaze.setUpCamera(videoElement, camera.deviceId);

Run the predictions:

const predict = async () => {
  const gazePrediction = await gaze.getGazePrediction();
  console.log("Gaze direction: ", gazePrediction); //will return 'RIGHT', 'LEFT', 'STRAIGHT' or 'TOP'
  if (gazePrediction === "RIGHT") {
    // do something when the user looks to the right
  let raf = requestAnimationFrame(predict);

Stop the detection: