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Grails Kafka

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This is a very early plugin that should probably not be used by anybody. It is mostly a way to setup my kafka konsumer library, and that library as well as this plugin should be considered very experimental. Along with not working yet you will have to publish everything to maven local to get things running.


Currently this plugin allows you to listen to a kafka topic by creating a service that implements smartthings.konsumer.MessageProcessor and uses the static kafkaConsumer name to declare the queue to listen to. Then in configuration you need to wire the topic up using something like:

kafka { 
	consumers {	
		// The consumer_name must match the 'kafkaConsumer' value in the listening service
		consumer_name {
			// By default everything is disabled so you must specify this
			enabled = true
			// The topic to listen to. If the topic is unspecified the consumer name will be used.
			topic = 'mytopic'
			// The zookeeper connection string
			zookeeper = ''
			// The number of partitions to listen to
			partitionThreads = 1
			// The number of worker threads to process incoming messages
			processingThreads = 11
			// The size of the in memory queue being processed by the processingThreads
			processingQueueSize = 30
			// The number of times to retry a message
			tryCount = 2
			// The consumer group name
			consumerGroup 'demo-consumer-name'
			props {
				// Add any raw properties that you want passed when connecting
				// See http://kafka.apache.org/08/configuration.html
				auto_offset_reset = 'smallest'

Then you need to create a grails service that looks something like:

package example.myapp

import smartthings.konsumer.MessageProcessor

class MessageHandlerService implements MessageProcessor {

	static kafkaConsumer = 'consumer_name'
	static transactional = false

	void processMessage(MessageAndMetadata<byte[], byte[]> message) throws Exception {
		log.warn("Got a message from kafka!! - ${new String(message.message())}")

Remember that things might not be in a working state yet...