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@@ -5,6 +5,12 @@ bbsharp is a library for converting BBCode to HTML. It is written in C#.
It will parse BBCode into a DOM tree, where it will then be able to be exported into a range of formats. At the moment, we're focusing on HTML.
+### Helping out
+Want to lend a helping hand with bbsharp? Awesome! Just fork it with the button above and get familiar with the code.
+At the moment, it would be nice to have some extra renderers. If you'd like to improve the core code, that's fine too.
### FAQ
* **Hey, what's that funny character at the start of all the files?**
> That's the Byte Order Mark (BOM) which is an artifact of the Unicode encoding used to save bbsharp source files. It doesn't seem to be handled correctly by Git (and many other Linux tools, I hear.) It's not my fault, but I am looking into ways of resolving the issue. Please let me know if it causes any troubles compiling.

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