A way to configure what ip's are 'local' #99

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With commit 2446965 it is no longer possible to use better_errors remotely.

This is a problem when you, for example, use Win desktop + a Linux virtualbox for development, or any other kind of setup like that. And there seems to be no way to add some IP's to trusted/local.


As use of Vagrant for development gets more popular, this is a crucial feature I think.


Agreed. I'm having this issue as well. It shouldn't be hard coded to local IPs only.


Until this is added either reference my github repo or use this monkey patch: https://gist.github.com/ericboehs/4735037


ericboehs: thanks for the monkey patch!


A one-off monkeypatch is where this feature belongs.

Please at least use an IP whitelist if you're going to actually do this in the gem.


Monkey patch not working for me @ericboehs anything else I should do?

edit: nm, just set everything to true for now, looking forward to this being fix in main gem


took me a while to figure out why it wasn't working on my setup (pretty common, Windows + ubuntu server VM)
Thanks a lot for the Module patch but we really need a proper config option.


Can you try + 👍 or 👎 #130 please?


Please, at least allow whitelisting with a mask like 192.168.1.*


CIDR notation works for me 👍 thanks @rking


Resolved by #130

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