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Mozilla Bug #354493 Test Pilot Study Code


Attempts to resolve Internet-->Intranet CSRF, but we need to know if this will
break anything.

This Test Pilot Study aims to discover how widespread the practice of Internet
sites referencing Intranet sites is. The danger behind allowing Internet sites
referencing Intranet sites is that such accesses may not be benign. Imagine
what could happen if an Internet site attempted to change settings on your
home router? Unfortunately, we are unable to distinguish between such a
malicious attempt and and benign one such as a WiFi Hotspot redirecting an
initial attempt to access the Internet to the router's captive portal page.

The data needed could not be gathered by simply crawling the web as many of
these interactions happen behind user logins and even Intranets.

Outstanding bugs:
 First Tab opened in window, when selecting
 Right click on link -> Open in new tab
 Will not cause the DOMContentLoaded even to fire
 Only for the first tab. Subsequent tabs are okay
 URLs will not be re-scanned if they have been
 seen before, so dynamic content may be missed
 We should really be tapping on the httpchannel
 and recording the hosts from there based on the
 origin of the current page. No time to figure out