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simplefold is a small plugin that improves (for some definition of "improve", see the explanation and screenshots at on other folding methods (syntax, marker, indent, expr). It was originally written for Ruby, but now also supports Objective Caml, PHP, Perl and Java. It features:
* optimized vertical space usage
* sensible foldtext
* top-level folds: one per interesting definition. No need to open a class fold to see which methods it contains. Get a quick overview of the classes/methods/functions (whatever applies in the current filetype) with zM.
* optional nested folds for if/while and so on
* easy to adapt to other filetypes; just by setting 2-3 regexps

Use <Leader>f (by default \f) to fold.

You can also use 

to create folds showing the lines matching the given regexp, leaving everything else hidden; e.g.

 :Fold \vfoo(bar|baz)

will create folds starting at each line matching foo(bar|baz), so that these are the only lines you see in your buffer (it's effectively a sort of internal grep).

See also vimtip#77 and vimscript #158