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Temporal Convolutional Neural Network for the Classification of Satellite Image Time Series
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Temporal Convolutional Neural Network

Training temporal Convolution Neural Netoworks (CNNs) on satelitte image time series.
This code is supporting by a paper published in Remote Sensing:

  title={Temporal convolutional neural network for the classification of satellite image time series},
  author={Pelletier, Charlotte and Webb, Geoffrey I and Petitjean, Fran{\c{c}}ois},
  journal={Remote Sensing},
  publisher={Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute},


This code relies on Pyhton 3.6 (and should work on Python 2.7) and Keras with Tensorflow backend.


Running the models

  • main architecture: python
  • other experiments described in the related paper:
python --sits_path ./ --res_path path/to/results --noarchi 0

The architecture will run by training the network on train_dataset.csv file and by testing it on test_dataset.csv file.
Please note that both train_dataset.csv and test_dataset.csv files are a subsample of the data used in the paper: original data cannot be distributed.

Thoses files have no header, and contain one observation per row having the following format: [class,date1.NIR,date1.R,date1.G,date2.NIR,...,date149.G]

Changing network parameters

  • Number of channels in the data: n_channels = 3 (, L21).
    It will require to change functions contained in
  • Validation rate: val_rate = 0.05 (, L22).
  • Network hyperparameters are mainly defined in file.


The produced map for TempCNNs and RFs are available in the map folder.


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