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Friendly_id and impressionist 1.0.1 not recording impressionable id #27

adanacs opened this Issue February 16, 2012 · 8 comments

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adanacs Antonio C Nalesso Moreira Bartek Rycharski pekpon Juan Artau Andrey D. Viana

I saw in the other issue (#22) from a couple of months ago where this was working on rails 3.1.2. I have the same setup other than I have Rails 3.1.3, however it doesn't seem to be working for me - impressionist records the id just fine if I go to


but not


I'm using Rails 3.1.3, Friendly_id 4.0.0-beta14 and impressionist 1.0.1

I'm wondering if you have any pointers for me on where to start looking and yes I have restarted the server :)

Bartek Rycharski

Same problem here. Any ideas?

Bartek Rycharski

before_filter :only => [:show] do |controller|
params[:id] =

impressionist :actions => [:show]

Kind of ugly but it works now.


I have the same problem in Rails 3.2.0...

Juan Artau
JapArt commented May 11, 2012

I have the same problem with Rails 3.2.1

Andrey D. Viana

Yep, having the same issue here, using friendly_id with slugged. Rails 3.1.1

Well, my option was to change the behavior of impressionist.
First changed the column impressionable_id to string.
Modified impressionable.rb, in line 13 I added:

if self.respond_to?(:friendly_id)
  has_many :impressions, :as => :impressionable, :finder_sql => {
      SELECT `impressions`.* FROM `impressions` WHERE `impressions`.`impressionable_id` = '#{slug}' AND `impressions`.`impressionable_type` = '#{self.class.to_s}'
  has_many :impressions, :as => :impressionable

This is not the best workaround, but works for me, maybe because I'm using impressionist in a "default" way for most of my models and controllers, but maybe not work in other situations. If someone know a better way to do that, please tell us :)

Another caveat, the specific SQL above sometimes return wrong, if for example you do @object.impressions.to_sql will return a wrong SQL, BTW @object.impressions will return the correct objects.

The impressionist_count method broken with "select", this is baaad...
For now I've commented the lines 47 to 49 (the line numbers change with the add above) in the impressionist_count method to work for me, while cant find a workaround.

For this situation, it needs to change to the impressionist_count method, set imps.all.size to imps.count (I dont know if I'm right, but this improve the SQL too)

Maybe someone find a better way to improve all this "behaviors" that are really dirty... thanks

pekpon commented May 23, 2012

I do this, in the controller:

def show
@article = Article.find(params[:id])

and its ok!

Andrey D. Viana


Juan Artau
JapArt commented May 24, 2012

Works for me too. Thanks!

Antonio C Nalesso Moreira acnalesso closed this June 10, 2013
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