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Simbul commented Jul 30, 2012

Is there any way of getting the impressionist_count method to return only the count for a specific action?

If it's there, I could not find it. The information is in the database already, though, which would make it a nice and easy addition in my opinion: it's only an issue of deciding for a method signature.

A possibility could be

impressionist_count(:where => { :action_name => 'show' })

This should fit in nicely with the syntax for ActiveRecord's where.


There comes a point where piling more and more functionality through a single method call becomes a poor design choice - really, if you wanted this kind of feature, there should be another function such as:


Personally, I'd suggest just querying the impression model directly - as you say, it has all the information you need and still only takes a single line. If you really wanted to make a simple way of doing it, you could even write a scope.

dmons commented Aug 10, 2012

It's a pretty simple feature, I wrote it for AR in my app in 5min. Why you couldn't include this in gem.

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