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Deleting is_impressionable model objects #9

robinsk1 opened this Issue August 22, 2011 · 3 comments

4 participants

robinsk1 Georg Mittendorfer John McAliley Francesc Pla

Deleting is_impressionable model objects is leaving orphaned records in the Impressions table

Francesc Pla

same problem here, solved using:

has_many :impressions, :as => :impressionable, :dependent => :destroy

on each model but it would be nice if impressionist would take care of it

John McAliley

I am planning on pushing an update to impressionist sometime next week with a fix for this and a few other features related to impression counts on the model. francesc, thanks for sharing your solution. If you have tests for this, can you fork and submit a pull request?

Georg Mittendorfer

Done. See issue #16 (I didn't know how to add the pull request to this issue),

John McAliley johnmcaliley closed this December 14, 2011
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