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Add a php ini file to specify sendmail command or mail sending will n…
…ot work.
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charltones committed Sep 8, 2015
1 parent 009592a commit d898b007282c101321da205d303617e280def2c1
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@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y libpng12-dev libjpeg-dev && apt-get -q
# ssmtp for mail
ADD ssmtpinit /usr/local/bin/ssmtpinit
RUN chmod +x /usr/local/bin/ssmtpinit
RUN echo "sendmail_path=sendmail -t -i" > /usr/local/etc/php/conf.d/sendmail.ini

RUN docker-php-ext-install mysqli

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