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// This import applies a global reset to any page that imports this stylesheet.
@import "blueprint/reset";
// To configure blueprint, edit the partials/base.sass file.
@import "partials/base";
// Import all the default blueprint modules so that we can access their mixins.
@import "blueprint";
// Import the non-default scaffolding module.
@import "blueprint/scaffolding";
// To generate css equivalent to the blueprint css but with your configuration applied, uncomment:
// +blueprint
// Page layout can be done using mixins applied to your semantic classes and IDs:
body {
@include blueprint-typography(true);
@include blueprint-utilities;
@include blueprint-debug;
@include blueprint-interaction;
@include blueprint-scaffolding;
#container {
@include container; }
#header, #footer {
@include column($blueprint-grid-columns); }
#sidebar {
// One third of the grid columns, rounding down. With 24 cols, this is 8.
$sidebar-columns: floor($blueprint-grid-columns / 3);
@include column($sidebar-columns); }
#content {
$content-columns: ceil(2 * $blueprint-grid-columns / 3);
@include column($content-columns, true);
form {
@include blueprint-form;