Time-variable transport using storage selection (SAS) functions. Still in beta, with known bugs.
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This is a numerical implementation of the model described in
Harman, C. J. (2015), Time-variable transit time distributions and transport: 
Theory and application to storage-dependent transport of chloride in a 
watershed, Water Resour. Res., doi:10.1002/2014WR015707.


The main part of the code is written in Cython to allow fast execution. Before
you use rsas you must comile and install it. Open a terminal in this directory
and run:

> python setup.py install

It may take a few minutes. You may get warning messages, all of which can be ignored.
Error messages cannot though, and will prevent the compilation from completion.

Once the code has compiled successfully you don't need to do it again
unless this code is changed.


See the documentation at http://charman2.github.io/rsas/html/index.html for more information.