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@github-actions github-actions released this 17 May 19:08
· 3 commits to main since this release

VHS Sorcery 🪄

This release of VHS includes a brand new Source command:
You can now include (Source) other tape files into other tape files to reuse collections of commands that you find yourself repeating. This allows you to build tape modules and compose parent tape files.

To get started, let's create two tape files:

touch source.tape
touch demo.tape

In source.tape place any commands you repeat often

Type "I'm being summoned."
Sleep 500ms

Then, in demo.tape, you can Source source.tape which will execute all the commands found in the sourced tape file.

Output out.gif
Set Height 1000
Source source.tape # this will execute all commands in ./source.tape
Type "That's all folks"

When you run vhs demo.tape it will perform all the commands within the tape file and when it reaches the Source invocation it will execute all the commands in type.tape:

Other features

Bug Fixes

This release of VHS fixes a bug that caused incorrect background rendering (#249).
In addition to using the latest version of VHS, you will also need to upgrade ttyd to use the latest commit on main.

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.4.0...v0.5.0

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