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Charmed Kubernetes® is pure Kubernetes tested across the widest range of clouds with modern metrics and monitoring, brought to you by the people who deliver Ubuntu.

Google, Microsoft, and many other institutions run Kubernetes on Ubuntu because we focus on the latest container capabilities in modern kernels. That’s why it’s the top choice for enterprise Kubernetes, too.

Deploying Charmed Kubernetes®

To learn more about Charmed Kubernetes®, including how to install it on your own cloud, please visit the Documentation.

Contributing to Charmed Kubernetes®

Charmed Kubernetes is an open source project and we welcome contributions of code, additions to the documentation, feature requests and any and all types of feedback. For more on contributing, see the official documentation on how to contact the team.

This Juju bundle

This repository contains the code to generate charm bundles used to deploy Charmed Kubernetes, as well as some bundle overlays used to preconfigure certain features (for example, for running on particular clouds). In general, users will fetch the published bundles from Charmhub, not this repository. If you are working on the bundle itself, see the file for more information on building the Charmed Kubernetes bundles. To contribute to this bundle, see the guide. As well as the parts to build the bundle, this repository also contains some useful assets

  • the container images directory contains text list of the images required by the charms deployed by this bundle
  • the releases directory contains built bundle YAML files from previous releases back to 1.14

Other repositories

The Charmed Kubernetes organisation has a large number of repositories. The majority of these are for specific Juju charms, used to deploy the applications which go to make up Charmed Kubernetes. A few which may be of particular interest:

Other repositories include: