Dynamic tracing in Linux using fast tracepoints
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This project implements a fast tracepoint insertion ecosystem for x86(_64) on Linux.

Getting Started


To build the library, you must install the following.



Building & Installing

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install

After this, you must create the dyntrace group.

sudo groupadd dyntrace
sudo usermod -aG dyntrace <your username>

Simple usage

First, start the dyntraced daemon.

sudo dyntraced --daemonize

Then attach to any program. If your user is not in the dyntrace group, you won't be allowed to do this command.

dyntrace attach <pid or name>

Then add a tracepoint. It will log to the file /tmp/test.log.

dyntrace add <pid or name>:<function name or address> log /tmp/test.log

There will be an output on the command line, this is the name of the tracepoint with the form tp-#

Wait a bit, then remove the tracepoint.

dyntrace rm <pid or name>:tp-#

Full example:

sudo dyntraced --daemonize
dyntrace attach nano
dyntrace add nano:do_home lttng
dyntrace rm nano:tp-0
sudo pkill dyntraced

More details in the docs folder.

To trace x86 programs, you need the x86 build on x64.


  • ARM 64bit


Christian Harper-Cyr charpercyr@gmail.com