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1 parent 274a3b2 commit 884259bac09385b2ee177d7c21985db3ae03a482 charpi committed Jan 24, 2010
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  1. +10 −3 rakelib/erlang.rake
@@ -11,11 +11,18 @@ else
puts "You need to fill it with your local configuration."
puts "An sample has been generated for you.""erlang_config.rb",'w') do |file|
- file.write("ERL_TOP=\"<path to your erlang installation>\"\n")
- file.write("ERLC_FLAGS=\"\"\n")
- file.write("ERL_FLAGS=\"\"\n")
+ file.write("#ERL_TOP is the location of the erlang installation.\n")
+ file.write("ERL_TOP=\"/usr/local/lib/erlang\"\n")
+ file.write("#USE_EMAKE tells erl_rake how to compile erlang sources.\n")
+ file.write("#Valid values are true and false.\n")
+ file.write("#ERLC_FLAGS are the flags to be passed to the compiler ERLC.\n")
+ file.write("ERLC_FLAGS=\"\"\n")
+ file.write("#EMAKE_COMPILE_OPTIONS are the flags to be passed to the EMAKE.\n")
file.write("EMAKE_COMPILE_OPTIONS = []\n")
+ file.write("#ERL_FLAGS are the flags to be passed to ERL when erl_rake\n")
+ file.write("#start a node.\n")
+ file.write("ERL_FLAGS=\"\"\n")

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