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Kaa is an umbrella project comprising a set of Python modules, mostly inclined
toward solving problems in the domain of multimedia.
kaa.base is an LGPL-licensed generic application framework, providing the
foundation for other modules within Kaa, and can be used in any type of
project, from small event-driven tools, to larger, complex applications.
The Kaa Application Framework includes a mainloop facility with an API for
signals and callbacks, timers, thread and subprocess management, local IO and
sockets (with TLS support), inter-process communication, and much more.
Kaa also – and perhaps most importantly – provides a rich, practically magical
API for asynchronous programming. Threads and coroutines in combination with
InProgress objects, which are used extensively throughout Kaa, allow you to
implement complex state machines responding to asynchronous events in very
compact, readable code.
See for more information.
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