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[BLD] Run 'full' test suite on Travis, including 'slow' tests

There's no reason *not* to run the full test suite on Travis, so long
as we fit in under the time limit. And no way to find out if we fit
under the time limit except to try ;-).
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1 parent 6d26656 commit 129ae08a8a0ea7393963a5f221832ad1de8bd49f @njsmith njsmith committed Apr 6, 2013
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@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ script:
- cd empty
- INSTALLDIR=$(python -c "import os; import numpy; print(os.path.dirname(numpy.__file__))")
- export PYTHONWARNINGS=default
- - python ../tools/
+ - python ../tools/ --mode=full
# - coverage run --source=$INSTALLDIR --rcfile=../.coveragerc $(which python) ../tools/
# - coverage report --rcfile=../.coveragerc --show-missing

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