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# On Linux systems this file, minus the example extension, can be copied
# into /etc/udev/rules.d directory (Fedora) or the equivalent in other
# distributions to properly set the permissions when a usb FLI device is
# recogized. More information on setting up this file can be found at
# ``
# Rule to set permissions of FLI usb devices. This is very general and
# may be overkill.
KERNEL=="fliusb[0-9]*", MODE="0666"
# Variant rule to set permissions of FLI usb devices. This one restricts
# access to members of the fli group. Untested.
#KERNEL=="fliusb[0-9]*", GROUP="fli"
# Installation specific rule to have fixed device name for an FLI camera
# based on serial number. There are many possible variations of this rule,
# but this has been convenient for me.
#KERNEL=="fliusb[0-9]*", ATTRS{serial}=="ML0153812", SYMLINK+="flicamera"