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This project provides Python wrappers for the Finger Lakes Instrumentation (FLI) SDK libfli-1.104 on Linux and Windows. It exposes all the public functions and macros with the following exceptions:


The wrapper for FLIUsbBulkIO is currently set to raise an error as I don't yet understand the implications of the function and it looks potentially dangerous.

The wrapper signatures are not precisely the same as the Finger Lakes functions. For instance, functions that fill user supplied buffers return numpy arrays instead, C strings are returned as Python strings, and some arguments are passed as strings instead of C macro values. In addition, the wrapper function names generally drop the 'FLI' prefix and lowercase the first letter. The function correspondence is tabulated in the module documentation.

All the wrappers have document strings that follow the Numpy documentation standard. Some of the functions in the SDK were undocumented and FLIGrabFrame was a stub. In the first case the lack of documentation is noted where applicable, and for the second FLIGrabFrame was implemented in a way that seemed appropriate to its name.

Some of the functions require knowledge of the ADC precision and may segfault if it is incorrectly specified. Finger Lakes doesn't currently provide a way to determine the operative precision, so it is up to the user to be careful and track the precision in use. The default value of the relevant argument has been set to 16 bits, which is safe but will not provide the expected results for 8 bit devices.

Both Python and Numpy are needed for installation. The supported versions are Python 2.6-2.7, 3.x and Numpy >= 1.5. These versions are conservative and it is likely that earlier versions will work.

Tested on Linux Fedora 17 and Windows 7 using python(x,y). The FLI SDK 1.104 and FLI Linux USB driver 1.3 from the FLI support page are provided.

Another option for those interested in Python FLI support is Craig Versek's ctypes based wrappers