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include *.txt
# Top-level build scripts
include bscript
# All source files
recursive-include scipy *
# All documentation
recursive-include doc *
# Add build and testing tools
include tox.ini pytest.ini
recursive-include tools *
# Cached Cython signatures
include cythonize.dat
# Exclude what we don't want to include
recursive-exclude scipy/linalg/src/id_dist/src *_subr_*.f
prune benchmarks/env
prune benchmarks/results
prune benchmarks/html
prune benchmarks/scipy
prune scipy/special/tests/data/boost
prune scipy/special/tests/data/gsl
prune doc/build
prune doc/source/generated
prune */__pycache__
global-exclude *.pyc *~ *.bak *.swp *.pyo