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A charting tool that produces automatic, shareable charts from any data file


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Charted is a tool for automatically visualizing data, originally created by the Product Science team at Medium. Provide the link to a data file and Charted returns a beautiful, interactive, and shareable chart of the data. The charts look like this:

Example Chart Screenshot

Charted is deliberately sparse in formatting and data transformation options, and instead gives you a few powerful core features:

  • Rendering well on all screen sizes, including monitors
  • Re-fetching the data and updating the chart every 30 minutes
  • Moving data series into separate charts
  • Adjusting the chart type, labels/titles, and background

Supported files

Charted currently supports the following file types:

  • .csv files
  • .tsv files
  • Google Spreadsheets (set to shareable)
  • Dropbox share links to supported files

Data structure

Charted treats the first column of the data file as the labels for the x-axis. All subsequent columns are added as y-series. Charted does not parse the first column (x-axis), but instead always equally spaces the data points along the x-axis.

Running Charted

To try Charted out, simply download the repo and run npm install to install dependencies. After that you will be able to run npm start. This will start a server at localhost:3000.