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To try Charted out, simply download the repo and run `npm install`
to install dependencies. After that you will be able to run
`npm start`. This will start a server at localhost:3000.

If you install [Watchman](, you can
run bin/watch to automatically recompile whenever you change JavaScript
or LESS files.

### On Heroku


### With Docker

You can also run Charted via _docker_ by running
`docker build -t charted .` in the repo to build the container. You
will then be able to run the container using
`docker run -p 3000:3000 charted`. Server will be accessible at

## Using the Node module

Charted also comes as a Node module which can be included in an
Express or Matador application. This lets you direct the user to
Charted URLs within the app, which can fetch data from other routes.
(Note that Charted adds an endpoint which can make GET requests to
arbitrary URLs from your app.)

Call `charted(app)` to set up Charted in your app. By default, the
Charted home page and assets will be served from `/charted/`, which
you can customize the path by providing another path as a second
argument. For example, providing '/' will cause Charted to be served
from the root of your app.
@@ -1,5 +1,3 @@
A spreadsheet that tracks bundle size:

A list of known issues in no particular order:

- Code that compiles templates is duplicated in two places
@@ -16,4 +14,3 @@ Planned/ongoing projects:
- Replace templates.js with Handlebars
- Introduce u-classes
- Use system fonts
- Maybe switch to Closure Compiler

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