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Version 2.1.0

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@etimberg etimberg released this 03 May 23:19
· 2882 commits to master since this release

This release of Chart.js adds horizontal bars (big thanks to @potatopeelings) and the ability to create plugins that fit into the lifecycle of a chart.

New Features

  • Horizontal Bars!! Thanks to @potatopeelings
  • You can now share data between charts. Thanks to @simonbrunel! Note that this will require changes if dataset.metadata or dataset.metaDataset were being used. There is now a helper function to retrieve the correct meta data for a given dataset
  • Doughnut and Pie charts no longer need to fill the entire circle. Thanks @mdehoog
  • Plugins! You can now create plugins that fit into the chart lifecycle. See docs

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed axis sizing when grid lines were not displayed. Added configurable tick length. #2229
  • Fixed an issue in the doughnut / polar area legend callbacks when no background color was set #2143
  • Typo in line chart docs #2289 Thanks @tKammy
  • Fix error in tooltip interface docs #2300 Thanks to @HuwSy
  • Fix doughnut html legend span placement #2308 Thanks to @pwavg
  • Fix typo in plugin destroy call. #2318 Thanks @Janpot
  • Improved logic for calculating bar width. #2326 Thanks to @johnw86
  • Ensured that built file has header comment at very top. #2329 Thanks to @zachpanz88
  • Fix typo in #2332 Thanks to @sashamjolnir
  • Fix label mode tooltips in radar charts #2023
  • Make docs clearer for nested properties. #2338 Thanks to @DaanDeMeyer
  • Fix the time scale when the first value is null #2176
  • Fix legend sizing #2152
  • Added documentation on what can be passed as colors to Chart.js
  • Added documentation on which properties can be added to each dataset
  • Fix an issue in the time scale where the last point was sometimes cutoff #2277
  • Only use visible datasets for the time scale limit determination. #2394 Thanks @Lighnat0r
  • Fix an issue in the docs where the pie chart had sensitive click areas #2389 Thanks to @dougmolineux
  • Pie chart sample now randomizes colors as well. #2421 Thanks to @mchateloin

Config Changes

The old options will still work in this release.