@chartjs-ci chartjs-ci released this Sep 22, 2016 · 444 commits to release since this release

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This version adds back native bower support. We were able to get a name that matches in case with npm. bower install chart.js. Huge props to @simonbrunel for getting our build system working and fully automated.

New Features

  • Support a minimum unit on the time scale. Set time.minUnit to one of the time scale units to use. #3254 Thanks @ianks

Issues Fixed

  • An issue where a zero width border was incorrectly drawn. #3241 Thanks @Pikamander2
  • Fixed an incorrect link in the docs #3280 Thanks @trantorLiu
  • Return the correct tooltip labels when 2 category axes are used. #3278 Thanks @etimberg
  • Improve performance of the time scale by caching intermediate results. #3211 Thanks @desowin
  • Fixed an error when the legend of a pie chart was toggled and there were multiple datasets of different lengths. #3309 Thanks @zachpanz88


More details in the release PR: #3321