Chart.js module for charting financial securities
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Chart.js Financial Charting

Chart.js module for Candlestick and OHLC charts

Usage and Roadmap

This module has not yet had its initial release and is not yet available on npm. This library depends on Chart.js and we are currently adding support for some of the necessary features there

Chart.js 2.7.0 added our timeseries scale as new option called distribution: series. This has greatly improved support for financial timeseries.

Chart.js 2.7.1 added fixes for timeseries.

Chart.js 2.7.2 added timestamp formatting in tooltips.

Chart.js 2.7.3 included a fix for hovering.

Chart.js 2.8.0 will include datetime adapters. This will allow users to use Luxon instead of Moment in order to get i18n and timezone support

We would like to add better tick/label generation when source:data, fixes for mixed chart types, support for floating bars, and timezone handling before having an initial release.

The current work is centered around providing other datetime implementations for Chart.js to reduce the size of the library and add timezone support.

As we near an initial release we will add documentation. For now, please see the docs directory.


Because Chart.js utilizes canvas it is more performant than the majority of JavaScript charting libraries. ZingChart and Highcharts with the boost module are two options that also offer canvas rendering and may be performant.

Most chart libraries don't have great handling of timescale axes. AmCharts is one exception to this.

We are aiming to make Chart.js the only popular JavaScript library that is both performant and has good timescale handling.


npm install
gulp build


Out of the box examples are available here: