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Hi, I'm Christian Charukiewicz. I'm a software engineer, technology & product leader, teacher, learner, avid reader, and culinary enthusiast. I'm a Partner & Principal Software Engineer at Foxhound Systems, a custom software development company that creates fast and reliable software systems. We specialize in using the Haskell programming language coupled with a variety of techniques such as SQL query optimization and database tuning to achieve superior reliability, performance, and security.

About me

  • I've been programming since the mid-2000s, and started by writing IRC scripts and tweaking forum software.
  • My favorite programming language is Haskell.
  • I think statically typed functional programming is a boon to developer productivity and software quality. I think that it is something that every programmer would benefit from learning.
  • I'm a huge fan of Linux and run it on all of my machines, including my desktop and laptops.
  • My favorite way of managing a system is using Nix, and I use it both personally and professionally.
  • I try to read a variety of books.

Open Source

  • isbn (Author) - Haskell library for validating and manipulating ISBNs.
  • yesod-auth (Contributor) - Haskell library for easy authentication in the Yesod web framework. I've made improvements to the developer-facing API to enable more control over the email-based user registration and password reset work flows.
  • esqueleto (Contributor) - Haskell library for writing type-safe SQL queries. I've improved the library's coverage of SQL and also wrote detailed documentation and examples for its new query DSL syntax.

Want to get in touch? Email me at: