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A simple monitoring dashboard for Docker in Swarm Mode.
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Swarm Dashboard

A simple monitoring dashboard for Docker in Swarm Mode.

Example Dashboard


Swarm dashboard shows you all the tasks running on a Docker Swarm organised by service and node. It provides a visualisation that's space efficient and works well at a glance.

You can use it as a simple live dashboard of the state of your Swarm.

The Dashboard has a node.js server which streams swarm updates to an Elm client over a websocket.

Prior art


At the moment, the dashboard needs to be deployed on one of the swarm managers. You can configure it with the following Docker compose file:

# compose.yml
version: "3"

    image: charypar/swarm-dashboard
    - "/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock"
    - 8080:8080
      PORT: 8080
      replicas: 1
          - node.role == manager

and deploy with

$ docker stack deploy -c compose.yml svc

Production use

There are two considerations for any serious deployment of the dashboard:

  1. Security - the dashboard node.js server has access to the docker daemon unix socket and runs on the manager, which makes it a significant attack surface (i.e. compromising the dashboard's node server would give an attacker full control of the swarm)
  2. The interaction with docker API is a fairly rough implementation and is not very optimised. The server polls the API every 500 ms, publishing the response data to all open websockets if it changed since last time. There is probably a better way to look for changes in the Swarm that could be used in the future.

Rough roadmap

  • Show more service details (published port, image name and version)
  • Node / Service / Task details panel
  • Show node / task resources (CPU & Memory)
  • Improve security for potential production use

Both feature requests and pull requests are welcome


  • Viktor Charypar (owner, BDFL) - code, docs
  • Clementine Brown - design
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