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G L O R I O U S • F R O N T E N D — build status

a stack to stake your career on ⟶ chasemoskal.github.io/glorious-frontend ⟵

free open source minimalistic clientside web application boilerplate template
you can copy/clone/fork this project and start your own application!

features and motivations

  • minimalistic — choose your own tools, for anything you need, like page routing, or whatever
  • lightweight — the infrastructure weighs less than 50 kB gzipped
  • debuggable — use chrome devtools to debug at runtime, and use vscode to debug tests, sourcemaps work
  • frontend-only — if you need a node server, make it a separate repo, and use containers for god's sake
  • unopinionated — no linter, no hints about application architecture

javascript tooling

  • typescript — fancy future javascript
  • preact — jsx view framework, lightweight react replacement
  • mobx — state management, observables
  • jest — testing framework
  • browserify — bundle scripts and node_modules for browser consumption
  • uglify — minifier, compression

other tooling

  • sass — fancy future css
  • http-server — application is viewable and debuggable at http://localhost:8080/
  • vscode settings — fancy developer experience

create your own application

  1. install prerequisite software

    • git — source control engine [required]
    • node and npm — javascript runtime and package manager [required]
    • vscode — code editor, project is preconfigured [recommended]
    • meld — merge tool for resolving conflicts [recommended]
  2. fork or clone this repository — make your own fork of this repo, and clone it locally

  3. project commands

    • npm install
      this single command both installs project dependencies and runs the build (ctrl+shift+b in vscode)

    • npm start
      start http server, then you can visit http://localhost:8080/

    • npm run build-debug
      build while providing a better debugging experience in chrome devtools, by preserving sourcemaps, and skipping minification