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Survey Tablet

Survey Tablet is an offline form creation and serving tool. Inspired by a problem presented by non-profits at Opportunity Hackaton 2018, Survey Tablet is a tool meant to solve the pain-point of paper forms for individuals who don't have access or the ability to fill out a digital form.

The Problem

Non-profit organizations collect data on the people they serve in order to better understand their target group. While this may usually be facilitated with an email or SMS form, there are many groups of people who are unable to fill out these forms, such as:

  • Children
  • Elderly
  • Peoples Afflicted with Mental Disabilities
  • Populations Living in Areas without Internet Access

When digital forms are not available, organizations will utilize paper forms to facilitate data gathering.

Why It's a Problem

Paper forms are expensive and unreliable.

  • Paper forms can be misplaced and lost.
  • Paper forms may be filled out in inconsistent ways and result in vague answers and unreliable data.
  • In order for the data to be analyzed, paper forms need to be input manually into a spreadsheet which costs time, money, and energy

The Solution

Survey Tablet is a desktop app (made using Electron) that allows for the creation of forms as well as the ability to serve forms digitally and saves the result as a .csv on the desktop.

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