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#!/usr/bin/env python
# coding: utf-8
host = ''
port = 9199
name = '住所detecter'
tnum = 50000
import sys
import json
import random
import jubatus
from jubatus.common import Datum
def train(client):
# prepare training data
# predict the last ones (that are commented out)
train_data = []
counter = 0
for line in open('data/shuffled_zenkoku.csv'):
line = line.replace('"','')
adrs_cd, pref_cd, city_cd, town_cd, pn, of, df, pref, pref_ph, city, city_ph, town, town_ph, town_ai, kyoto_ave, aza, aza_ph, ai, of_name, of_ph, oa, new_acd = line.split(',')
train_data.append((pref, Datum({'name': city})))
if counter < tnum:
counter += 1
# training data must be shuffled on online learning!
# run train
if __name__ == '__main__':
# connect to the jubatus
client = jubatus.Classifier(host, port, name)
# run example