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This is where I keep configuration for zsh, RubyGems, git, Clojure, Java, and other stuff.


First install oh-my-zsh:

git clone ~/.oh-my-zsh

Then, after cloning this repo, run the install script:


How it works

The install script will copy over anything in src/ as a dotfile. That is, src/ackrc is copied to ~/.ackrc, src/inputrc is copied to ~/.inputrc, etc. If a file ends in .erb it will be evaluated as an ERB template and the resulting content will copied to the dotfile (@options refer to the options parsed from the command line). The script takes care not to overwrite any files, unless you specify --force-templates or --force-all. If you want to know what it will do before running it for real, say script/install --verbose --dry-run.


Elliot Winkler (

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