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rails 3 app for managing small symposiums. OUTDATED. See RegistrationApp
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Reggie 2

A an update using Rails 3.0.3 of the original Reggie.



A Ruby on Rails web application for use in the registration of attendees to small university conferences or symposia.


This isn't mind-blowing code, it's just another Rails app. Why do this when there are other options? Well...

Sadly, this is my annual work excuse to (re-)construct a Rails app for gathering symposium registration information. Creating web apps in Ruby on Rails is quite simply fun - a challenge. It's also a good excuse to investigate new gems, services, and technologies. I don't get enough Ruby in my day job. This project has evolved over the past few years. Each iteration adds new features and cleans up code.


  • Simple semi-static pages for event information
  • Receive information from attendees including an abstract via file upload (S3 Storage using Paperclip)
  • Email attendee their registration receipt (using SendGrid addon at Heroku)
  • All registrations receipts are publicly available (URLs slugged with Friendly_ID)
  • All administrative actions (view all/index, edit, delete) require authorization via a simple auth (see Railscast). Although, openid seems like a better idea.
  • Export all registration data except for attachments into CSV (Ruby 1.9 CSV nee fastercsv) formatted file
  • Download all abstracts from S3 into a zip file (Rubyzip; Paperclip)
  • Toggle on/off registrations


  • Take payment
  • User modifying their registration (modification only by Admin) although this would probably be not that difficult to implement.


Setup needs to be modified for Rails 3, bundler, etc.

Step 1. Add and complete required files

Complete and add to project the following files (example files are included):

  • config/database.yml
  • config/s3.yml
  • config/passwords_config.yml
  • config/app_config.yml

Hoptoad is included as a gem. Rake file is also included, but you'll need to add your own config file. Run:

script/generate hoptoad --api-key your_key_here

For Heroku, make a .gems manifest file as FasterCSV and rubyzip as they are required but not available by default. See


rake secret

to generate a new pseudo-random key.

Replace new generated key with the old key in


Step 2.

Modify the semi-static pages and layouts to your liking. You'll find them in app/views/page/ and app/views/layouts/page.html.erb, respectively.

Step 3.

Get up and running on Heroku. Follow these steps in the Heroku Docs. Assuming that you already have a fork or copy of Reggie as a git repo, begin with the Heroku Quickstart step 2.


Heroku and Amazon S3 for file uploads, but this could be easily modified for a VPS host.

Language / Framework

  • Ruby 1.9.2
  • Rails 3.0.3

Plugins / Gems / Generators

Services used

  • Amazon S3
  • Heroku
  • SendGrid via Heroku Account
  • Hoptoad


Copyright © 2011 Chase Southard, released under the MIT license.

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