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@@ -7,7 +7,26 @@ RecordBreaker is a project that automatically turns your text-formatted data (se
You can (and should!) read the full RecordBreaker tutorial here: [](
-The RecordBreaker repository is hosted at GitHub, here: [](
+The RecordBreaker repository is hosted at GitHub, here:
+One interesting part of RecordBreaker is the FishEye system. It's a
+web-based tool for examining and managing the diverse datasets likely
+to be found in a typical HDFS installation. It draws features from
+both filesystem management and database administration tools. Most
+interestingly, it uses RecordBreaker techniques to automatically
+figure out the structure of files it finds. You can run it by typing:
+ bin/learnstructure fisheye -run <portnum> <localstoragedir>
+Where <portnum> is the HTTP port where it will provide data to the
+user, and <localstoreagedir> is where it will maintain information
+about a target filesystem.

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