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Setlist app using HTML, CSS, JS, and MongoDB
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The bands that I play with never remember to write out setlists. Using this tool allows users to create, edit, and access a common setlist; all which update the database asynchronously.

Technology Used

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Node, Express, MongoDB


The user adds the first track, which creates the setlist in the database. Afterwards, the user may add additional tracks, and edit/rearrange tracks. All of these actions update the database without any 'save' action required from the user

Adding Tracks

Users add tracks with the input fields at the top of the app. The "Key" input accepts: A-G, a-g, #, and ♮. The "BPM" input accepts numbers from 1 to 350bpm. All fields are required.
add track video

Editing Tracks

Users edit tracks by clicking either the track name, key, or bpm and entering new information.
edit track video

Rearranging Tracks

Users rearrange the setlist by dragging and dropping the tracks.
rearrange track video

Deleting Tracks

Users delete tracks by clicking the red x to the left of the track name and then confirming their action.
delete track video

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