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Wiresnark requires Ruby 1.9 – you can install it from your system’s package manager or from

tar xf ruby-1.9.3-p125.tar.gz
cd ruby-1.9.3-p125
make install


For the time being, Wiresnark installation is a two-step process – installation from gem and compilation of a C driver (this will be fixed in a later release).

Install from gem

gem install wiresnark

Compile C driver

cd $(dirname `gem which wiresnark`)/..
rake build_regset


Install from the system_iip repository; the provided drivers and are configured to use Wiresnark.

supported IIP commands

Wiresnark can be used as an backend; implements the iip set commands (used to create the XML configuration), while the iip commit, iip get and iip show commands are forwarded to Wiresnark.

Supported iip show parameters are CL, ifgap, MACDA, MACSA, MACT, MTU, NP, PIH and PL.

XML elements set by iip get are PIH, MACSourceAddress, MACDestinationAddress, MACType, MTU, ifgap, Cyclelength, NumberPhases and PhaseLength.

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