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Chat SDK License v1

We offer a choice of two license for this app. You can either use the Chat SDK license or the GPLv3 license.

Chat SDK License Summary

  • The Chat SDK license costs $0 for all the code hosted on the public Github repository.
  • License does not expire.
  • Can be used for creating unlimited applications
  • Can be distributed in binary or object form only
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Can modify source-code but can only distribute modifications in binary or object form (derivative works)

GPLv3 License Summary

  • Can modify and distribute source code
  • Commerical use allowed
  • Cannot sublicense or hold liable
  • Must include original license
  • Must disclose source


  1. I want to release an app to the App Store. Do I have to pay anything?

When you release an app on the app store, you are releasing a compiled app. This is the most common use case for our users. The Chat SDK license allows you to release unlimited commerical apps on the app store without paying anything.

  1. Do I have to include any attribution with my binary?

No. Attribution is not required.

  1. Do I have to include a license file with my binary?

No. It is not necessary to include a license file with your binary.

  1. I'm releasing a commercial app. Do I need to pay anything?

If you are releasing the app in binary form, then commercial use is allowed and you do not need to pay anything.

  1. Can I release the Chat SDK straight onto the App Store with no modifications?

Yes. You can release the code in binary form with or without modifications.

  1. Do I need to get any kind of permission from you before releasing my app?

No. It is not necessary to ask permission before releasing your app under the Chat SDK license.

  1. I have an open source project, can I include the Chat SDK?

If your project license is compatible with the GPLv3 license then you can. If not, you should email us and we will come up with a custom licensing scheme. The price will depend on the circumstances. We will often allow the code to be used for free for non-commerical projects.

  1. Why do you have a dual licensing scheme?

We want to give our users as much flexibility as possible while retaining some degree of control over our code. Imagine that someone decided to make some minor modifications and started selling our code on a marketplace. This wouldn't benefit anyone because we want to make the code available for free. The dual licensing scheme allows you to do pretty much anything apart from sell our source code directly.