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Firebase cloud functions for Chat21
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npm version

Chat21 is the core of the open source live chat platform


Chat21-cloud function is the backend module required for the operation of the other chat21 modules.

  • Send a direct message
  • Send a group message
  • Create a conversation for each message
  • Send the push notification for direct and group message
  • Send an info message to notify the creation of a group or a member joining

Pre requisites

You can find more info about Firebase Functions here

Project setup

  • Clone or download this repo from github
  • Run from command line:
cd functions 
npm install
  • Login to Firebase CLI with firebase login. More info here
  • Set up your Firebase project by running firebase use --add, select your Project ID and follow the instructions.


  • Deploy to Firebase using the following command: firebase deploy. You can see the deployed functions on the Firebase Console under Functions menu.


Send your first message

  • Create a new user on the Firebase Console under Authentication Menu.
  • Select Email/Password for Authentication Provider
  • Click on "Add New User" and populate Email and Password field with for example : email =, password = 123456
  • Get a JWT token calling JWT Authentication method as described here JWT Authentication
  • Sending a new message using Send Message API with JWT Authentication as described here Send message

Advanced Setup Options

Read the Setup Options page


Read the REST API page

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