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Chat21 is the core of the open source live chat platform

Chat21 SDK for iOS

To install and configure the SDK follow this tutorial:

Chat21 iOS Get Started tutorial


Project setup Firebase Lib install Chat21 Lib install

Chat initialization

== [FIRApp configure]; [ChatManager configure];

Chat authentication

== [ChatAuth authWithEmail:email password:password completion:^(ChatUser *user, NSError *error)

Initialize with a specific user

== ChatManager *chatm = [ChatManager getInstance]; ChatUser *user; // you got this user from a previously authentication session (ex. [Chat authWithEmail]) // eventually complete user with data user.firstname = @"John"; user.lastname = @"Nash"; [chatm startWithUser:user];


Get the conversations view

[[ChatUIManager getInstance] getConversationsViewController]

// all other views... (from chat manager)